Metabo Hg 20-600 (602066000) Hot Air Gun

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the Metabo HG 20-600 (602066000) Hot Air Gun: Your Versatile Tool for Various Applications. Featuring an adjusting wheel for easy temperature adjustment, it offers precise control tailored to your needs. Equipped with high-quality ceramic heating, a powerful motor, and optimal device cooling, it ensures durability and prolonged service life. From varnish removal to shaping, crimping, and welding, its wide range of uses makes it indispensable for various tasks. Enjoy ergonomic design and a handle with a non-slip soft-grip surface for comfortable handling. For added safety, it boasts a large non-slip floor space, allowing for secure stationary applications. Whether you’re working on DIY projects or professional tasks, the Metabo HG 20-600 Hot Air Gun provides reliable performance and convenience for all your heating needs.

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