Metabo Cs 22-355 (601786000) Metal Chop Saw

BHD  103.000

the Metabo CS 22-355 (601786000) Metal Chop Saw: Power and Precision for Metal Cutting Tasks. This powerful chop saw is designed for cutting profiles, pipes, and rods made of various metals. Featuring a quick clamping device with variable mitre setting (-15° to 45°), it enables angled cuts with ease. The large handle positioned transversal to the cutting axis ensures optimal power transmission during cutting. With an adjustable cutting depth limiter, you can achieve precise cuts while maximizing the lifespan of the cutting disc. Enjoy convenient disc changes with the spindle lock mechanism. Safety is paramount with features like a swiveling cutting guard, adjustable spark deflector sheet, and rubberized base for secure cutting. Plus, the safety switch prevents accidental start-ups, ensuring user protection. The saw is equipped with a robust, large machine table with practical storage for hexagonal wrenches. Transporting the saw is effortless thanks to the built-in handle and locking device. Experience efficiency, safety, and convenience with the Metabo CS 22-355 Metal Chop Saw.

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