Flexiarapid 115X1.0X22.23 Inox, Tf 41 (616186000)

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Metabo FLEXIARAPID 115X1.0X22.23 INOX, TF 41 (616186000) – a thin, high-output cutting disc crafted specifically for stainless steel and thin-walled materials like pipes, metal sheets, profiles, and wires. With its hard hardness and special corundums, it delivers exceptional cutting output and tool longevity. Experience reduced material consumption, energy efficiency, and minimal machine load, all while ensuring safety with low iron, sulphur, and chlorine content (Fe + S + Cl ≤ 0.1%). Reach maximum working speeds of 80 m/s with options including A 60-R with 1 mm thickness, A 46-R with 1.6 mm thickness, and A 30-R with 1.9 mm thickness.

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