Metabo Fsr 200 Intec (600066500) Orbital Sander

BHD  36.600

The Metabo FSR 200 INTEC (600066500) Orbital Sander: Lightweight and Powerful for Versatile Sanding. This machine offers convenient one-handed operation with its light and handy design. Its excellent weight/performance ratio makes it ideal for overhead work. The grip area features a non-slip soft-grip surface for comfortable handling. With dust-proof ball bearings, it ensures a long service life. The robust clamping system accommodates sanding paper with or without hook and loop fastener. Plus, it includes a dust cartridge with a filter for working without connecting to a vacuum cleaner. For extraction, simply connect to an all-purpose vacuum cleaner via an adapter (accessory). Experience efficient and reliable sanding with the Metabo FSR 200 INTEC.

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