Sanding Sheet – 125Mm – G60 -50Pcs/Pack

BHD  7.800

the G60 Sanding Sheets, designed for wood and tailored to your specific needs. Choose the sanding sheet based on your requirements and usage, as they are classified for various applications. Extra Fine (320) sheets are ideal for primer, sealer, and between coats sanding, while Very Fine (220) sheets are perfect for very fine sanding of bare surfaces, primer, and sealer sanding. For finish sanding and cleaning of bare surfaces, Fine (180/150) sheets are recommended, while Medium (120/100) sheets are suitable for light removal and smoothing of bare surfaces. Coarse (80/60) sheets are designed for moderate removal and leveling of surface imperfections, while Coarse (40) sheets excel in heavy removal, stripping, and dimensioning. All sheets feature Velcro 8 Hole for easy attachment. Choose the G60 Sanding Sheets for precise and efficient wood sanding tailored to your needs.

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