Metabo Sse 1100 (606177500) Sabre Saw

BHD  91.300

the Metabo SSE 1100 (606177500) Sabre Saw: Your Go-To Tool for Precision Sawing Tasks. Crafted with a slim design and a soft-grip handle, it ensures comfortable sawing in any working position. Its robust aluminum die-cast gear housing, coated for optimal handling, ensures durability and ease of use. With Metabo Quick, changing saw blades is a breeze, allowing for seamless transitions between tasks. The saw blade can be rotated by 180°, enabling comfortable overhead work. Adjust the depth guide without tools for precise utilization of the saw blade, perfect for various applications including plunge cuts. Benefit from Vario (V)-Electronics, offering customized stroke rates for different materials. The continuous speed control trigger with locking function allows for uninterrupted operation. With its gear protected against dust and water splashes, this sabre saw is built to withstand tough working conditions. Experience quick sawing progress powered by its robust motor. Whether you’re tackling woodworking projects or demolition tasks, the Metabo SSE 1100 Sabre Saw delivers outstanding performance and versatility, making it an essential addition to your tool arsenal.

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