Metabo Spa 1200 (601205000) Chip And Dust Extraction Unit

BHD  157.000

the Metabo SPA 1200 (601205000) Chip and Dust Extraction Unit: Ideal for (Semi) Stationary Wood Processing Machines. This raw air extraction device significantly reduces dust content, enhancing workspace cleanliness. Equipped with dust class L filter material, it ensures effective filtration. Safety features include integrated grounding for protection from electrostatic charge. Enjoy convenient mobility with the wheeled unit for easy relocation, and simple connection. The unit features a stable stand with a supported chip collection bag for efficient waste management. Explore our comprehensive range of accessories, including automatic switch-on devices, filter cartridges, hoses, and adapters, for enhanced versatility and functionality. Experience cleaner and safer woodworking environments with the Metabo SPA 1200 Chip and Dust Extraction Unit.

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